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New stuff!

Recently we have been very busy! We haven’t been able to post, but I’ll put posts on the empty dates!

One thing we’ve done is make Historical Cartoon Characters! In the photo up there you see Blackbeard, Boudicca, Cleopatra, an Aztec priest and a Caveman. And myself!

I shall try to post more!

In good knowledge,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)


The European Union – How did it start?

After 2 World Wars in less than 50 years, Europe got a LITTLE bit fed up. So they made “The European Coal and Steel Community” to try and heal the friendship between the countries. By 1957 the founding countries: the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Italy and West Germany (West and East Germany will be explained in another post) had made the European Union!
Throughout time, countries wanted to join to prevent another war. Sorry about the length of this post, but the studio needs to be overseen at this moment of time!
In good knowledge,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)


Grand Day Out!

Some of the HistorYou’lLike staff enjoyed their “Grand Day Out” today and yesterday! We found some amazing things, and we also bought some amazing things. Photos will be posted on Thursday.

Sorry about the lack of posts this weekend, but something really, really, really important is happening just now for this website and something else. If you have seen Caza’s Youtube, then you will notice that the videos are insane! Anyway, for all you Caballum fans (if there are any!), I will give you a little teaser by saying that we are working on:

A. A Fatty movie (starring yours truly as Brian)

B. Something to do with Angry Birds

Also this website nearly has it’s studio! I feel sooooo excited!

Right, today has been really busy, so this weeks topic will start tomorow (The Celtic one will be posted along with “Modern Studies: The Eurozone”).

In Good Knowledge,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)

Ebay Finds – Edward VIII Coin!!!

Have you seen the coin video? Here’s the link if you haven’t:

In the video, I mentioned how rare Edward VIII coins were. On Ebay I’ve found something:

Here’s some pictures!

What a busy week. A fortnight ago I did the Victorians, this week it was the Celts, I wonder what it is next week…

Happy Bidding,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)

Ebay finds – 1713 Crown

Wow, on ebay I’ve found this AWESOME coin! They say:


Here’s the link:

Happy Bidding,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)

XVII century – 17th century – by dunco

Hey it’s dunco, I’m giving u facts on the 17th century or as the Romans would call it the XVII. All the dates I will be in roman numerals, Ok

– In MDCIII (1603) James VI took over the queen of England’s throne and united the country.

– In MDCV (1605) guy fawks attempts to blow up parliament with gun powder.

Please leave comments for more XVII century facts and more


The First Soverign – Reproduction

Westminster are known selling a reproduction of the very first Soverign from the time of Henry VII! Westminster says:

“Struck in 1989 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Gold
, this is the only sovereign to feature a totally
different design on its reverse and obverse

The defining image of the gold Sovereign has always been Benedetto
Pistrucci’s renowned St. George & The Dragon design.
Instantly recognisable and an international symbol of quality and craftsmanship,
this coin forms the backbone of many fine collections.

So when the decision was taken to mark the 500th anniversary of the
Sovereign in 1989 with a new design
, the numismatic world took

In fact the resulting design, inspired by the very first sovereign issued in
1489, is a triumph and sold out of its entire edition limit up on its
. It commands a huge premium above other modern Sovereigns and
on the rare occasion that an example appears on the market there will always be
a buyer.

But you can avoid the uncertainty and own this famous Sovereign straight away
by ordering today.”

Cool! Here’s a link to view the coin and mabye even buy it:

Here’s a pic!

In Good Knowledge,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)

All in all, the Celts weren’t too bothered about dying. They believed that when they died that they would go to the Otherworld, which was the same as this world. So is this world the Otherworld’s otherworld’s otherworld’s otherworld’s otherworld’s otherworld?

Celts in battle were very odd (to say the least). They would kill their families and themselves if they lost in battle, for they went to the afterlife were everything was joyous and happy (but you could still die in the otherworld!)!

When the Romans conquered the England & Wales part of Britain, the Celts were unhappy and rebelled. This is Boudicca’s story:

“My husband Prasutagus died, he was a king of the Inceni tribes. To keep the Romans happy, he gave a lot of his lands to Emperor Nero, some to his daughters and a little to me! I was unhappy about this, especially when Nero decided to take it all for himself! I decided to rebel! I won the first battle and was a bit mean to the woman I had conquered. After a few battles, I lost and got captured by the Romans. They are going to sell me as a slave to the rich Romans! I thought “No way jose!”. And I still think it. I think it this very moment with this bottle of poison. Even with it going in my mouth, I refuse to obey the Romans. From now to my last Celtic breath.”

All that about Boudicca is true! 100% accurate! Or maybe not, as you found out yesterday: only poets could write, but the Romans certainly could! They wrote the history books, not the Celts, I wonder how different they would be if all Celts wrote…

In Good Knowledge,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)

George IV Soverigns

George IV only reigned for 10 years, but he got two completley differently designed Soverigns during his reign! Westminster says:

“Nearly 200 years ago, a story unfolded at the Royal Mint so explosive that it
threatened to bury forever one of the United Kingdom’s most well known coin
designs.  Now – for the first time – we are delighted to offer you the chance to
own both of the Gold Sovereigns at the heart of this remarkable

The Two Heads of King George IV

King George IV was on the throne for just 10 years, and saw two types of
Sovereign issued. However they were completely different, both obverse and
reverse, unusual for any coin issue – let alone a

In fact, the earlier, or Laureate Head, Sovereign on your set would be
the last time the St George and the Dragon design was seen on a UK coin
for 46 years
, and it was debatable if it would ever return.

But why did this happen? The answer lies in the fiery artistic temperament of
one of the Royal Mint’s greatest ever engravers – Benedetto

The talented but temperamental Pistrucci joined the Royal Mint in 1816, but
soon found himself in conflict with Thomas and William Wyon, the chief and
second engraver respectively.

Growing tired with Pistrucci’s awkward behaviour they removed him and
subsequently the decision was taken in 1825 to change both the obverse and
reverse designs of the Sovereign. The new reverse design featured a garnished
heraldic shield surmounted by a crown, the work of Jean Baptiste Merle.

Now you can own both of the Sovereigns that marked this
turbulent episode, and see for yourself the striking difference between
the two coins
. They must be two of the only coins in UK history where
the monarch appears to get younger as his reign moves on!”

Here is some pictures of the coins!

1821 Soverign

1825 Soverign

George IV Soverign Set

George IV Soverign Set

In Good Knowledge,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)

The Celts had their religions and Druids. Druids were superior, even to poets! Here are 10 facts about the Celtic Druids!
1. Druids were the advisors to the King or Queen. They had very persuading powers and could get them to do whatever they wanted!
2. Druids had all sorts of magical powers that you probably want! They could…
Shape-shift themselves!
Control the weather!
Use mists to make themselves invisible!
Travel through time!
3. Druids believed that all life was made up of elements (fire, air, water and earth) and people should be executed this way. Would you like one of these executions?
Fire – You go in a basket and we set it on fire.
Water – We duck you in a cauldron
Earth – You get buried alive!
Air – We throttle you with a cord
Don’t suppose you ‘ave death by old age, eh?
4. Celts would offer things as offerings, but in France during the Victorian era, some sacrificing styles were being used! Things were thrown into a lake as offerings to the Gods.
5. French Celts were sent to Britain to get trained! The Britons must have been better.
6. We get the age-old myth of Mistletoe from the Druids. However, it is only magical if it has been cut by a Druid with a golden sickle and it can’t have touched the ground!
7. Since Romans written and Celts didn’t, the history books go in favor of the Romans. They said that Druids sacrificed humans as well as riches and animals! However the Roman writer could have been a exaggerating a teeny-weeny bit.
8. To get some ideas, Druids would slaughter a Bull and go inside it’s skin. In here they were very wise and could answer any question!
9. You should never, ever, ever upset a Druid if you were a Celt! It would mean that you could be banned from all future sacrifices! Didn’t bother me when they said it.
10. How could the Druids do all this? They spent 20 years training to become one! At the end of this, they would be a qualified Druid! Hooray!

In Good Knowledge,
Sir Water Raliegh (Raleigh)